How to open a Czech company

Our consulting agency will support you throughout the whole process of setting up your business in the Czech Republic. If you are planning to open a Czech limited liability company, abbreviated as s.r.o., we are the right partner for you.

Before establishing the s.r.o. company itself, it is crucial to have a clearly defined business plan. You need as well to know, what the requirements for your specific field are. As part of the service of setting up a company, we discuss with our clients their plans. We give them also all the relevant information that they might find useful.

General overview of rules applying to a Czech company

Each company needs to have some specific business activities which will perform, and they need to be officially registered. Some of these activities are defined by the Czech law as “free”. It means that there are no special requirements to perform them. On the other hand for others, the company needs to acquire a special license. There is also a third group of activities, for which the company or its representative has to fulfill certain specified requirements.

The Czech limited liability company, s.r.o., can have one owner or multiple owners. The same rule applies as well for the Managing Director(s). The minimum social capital of a Czech company is 1 CZK, but the decision of the actual amount really depends on many factors. All the information related to Czech limited liability companies registered in the Business Register are publicly accessible at the official website.  

Czech company
We will provide you full assistance in setting up your business in the Czech Republic

The decision regarding the amount of your Czech company’s social capital, whether it is going to be the minimum 1 CZK, or if you will opt for a higher one, 1 000 CZK, 10 000 CZK, 100 000 CZK or even 200 000 CZK, should be based on following:

  • your planned business activities,
  • who your business partners will be,
  • how you want your company to be perceived.
What services are included in the full assistance package for the Czech company establishment?
  • initial consultation,
  • preparation of the necessary documentation,
  • registration of the company at the relevant court,
  • registration of the chosen business activities,
  • opening of the company bank account,
  • registration at the Tax Office,
  • accounting.
How long does it take for a Czech company to be registered and active?

If you will provide us the required documents, it will take approximately one week for the whole process to be completed.

And what are the costs of establishing a Czech company s.r.o.?

The cost always depends on the number of the owners, and at the same time Managing Directors of the company. It is related also to the type of business activity that your new company will perform. You can be sure that you will always know in advance the exact price of the services which you order.

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