25 000 CZK Compensation Bonus for Zivno Holders

Who is eligible for a compensation bonus?

If you answer to all of the below questions yes, then you can apply for the 25 000 CZK compensation bonus:

  • Are you a trade license “zivno” holder?
  • Is freelancing your main activity, i.e. your primary source of income?
  • Did you activate your trade license before 12 March 2020?
  • Has your income decreased due to the current situation?
How to apply for the compensation bonus?

You can fill in a pdf form published on the website of the Ministry of Finances, or use their interactive form.

This form is basically a declaration on oath. For now, you do not need to attach to it any supportive documentation. However, in the future the Tax Offices might be verifying if your declaration is truthful.

You need to send the filled-in form to your relevant Tax Office. There are different ways how to do so:

  • If you have Data Box, you can send it electronically,
  • You can print it, sign it and bring it personally to the specific Tax Office, or send it by registered mail,
  • It is possible to send it as well by email. You just need to print the form, sign it, scan it and attach it to the email.
When to expect the financial aid?

The Ministry of Finances has not set a deadline when the financial support for self-employed should arrive. It all depends on the number of incoming applications, and how quickly the Tax Offices will be able to process them.

One thing is sure, you will receive the bonus to your bank account. You need to fill in your bank details into the form. It needs to be a bank account in a Czech bank, and it must be in CZK currency.

Do you need assistance with claiming your compensation bonus?

Our Poliglossa team will support you throughout the process.

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