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Whethere you would like to set up your business in the Czech Republic, or you are an expat already living here, we offer a wide range of services that you may find useful

About our company

We are a consulting agency based in Prague, Czech Republic, providing support and assistance both to individuals and businesses. Our clients are mainly foreigners and expats already living in the Czech Republic or foreign companies and individuals, planning to establish themselves on the Czech market or extend their activities in the Czech territory.

Meet Our Team

We take the best possible care of each client and we respect and follow their unique requests

Gabi Sedláková M.A.

Executive Director

Andreas Stylianou B.A.

Project Manager

What Clients Say

The main goal of our consulting agency is the satisfaction of our customers

Paula Hutchinson

Business Owner

The guys from Poliglossa helped me set up my business in Prague in few days, thank you for excellent, quick and professional service!

Martin Donovan

Graphic Designer

Poliglossa took care of my trade license, they registered me at all the offices and most importantly got me all the info that I needed, so in 3 days I could start invoicing for my work.

Michael Robbie


If you are looking for someone to help you with all the paperwork for temporary residence, who would give you a great service and accompany you to public offices, Poliglossa is your best choice!


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