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What is Translation Services ?

Translation is a form of communication that has the scope of providing the meaning of a source language to another in a written form. The etymology of the word translation derives from the Latin word translatio where we have the word Trans(Across) + latus, the past particicle of ferre ( To carry, or to bring).

Translation goes back many years in history, where trade was taking place in other countries and merchands needed a local person or someone who knew the language in order to talk business and arrange goods for import and export. Another example that shows us that tranlsations is one of the most ancient professions is all the wars in the past where comanders and generals needed to know what are their enemy are planning.

A signifigant upside down example Could be Radio Europa where at the Second World war was broadcasting fake news in the language of the Enemy in order to give them wrong information or coordinates,

After travelling became accesible almost to everyone and the age of internet globalization brought everything closer, translation services became very popular and useful.

Poliglossa provides translation services and gives you a possibility to have your document translated and delivered fquicly and precisely

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Type Of Translation

If you are interested in long-term cooperation, we will be happy to prepare a sample translation for you

In the case of larger amounts of pages and documents for translation, we can agree on a more advantageous price and the same applies to long-term partnerships

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