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If you are a foreigner who has just moved to Prague and you need to visit local offices in order to register for temporary residence, you would like to open a bank account or simply find an apartment to rent, but without knowing the Czech language it becomes very difficult for you, we are here to help you and provide you the best interpretation services in Prague and the Czech Republic!

Do you want to find a business partner, invest in real estate or open a new company in Prague or the Czech Republic and you would need someone to guide you or interpret meetings for you? We are here for you to provide you the best solutions for every need.

Interpretation in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic is a service we provide in order to support all the foreigners living here or making business who do not speak the local language and find it difficult to communicate. Do you need to visit a public office or meet with a potential local business partner, but you do not have a language in common? Use the form below to get in touch with us and we can provide you more details about service of interpretation in Prague and the Czech Republic that we offer or get in touch with us through our Contact page!

Type of Interpretation
Interpretation in Prague

We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation of personal meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Do you know the difference between a consecutive and a simultaneous interpretation?

Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter reproduces into the target language a sentence or a comprehensive set of ideas of the speaker which happens consecutively, meaning one after another – the speaker speaks and after the interpreter interprets

Simultaneous interpreting is when everything happens at the same time – speaker talking in the source language and the interpreter expressing his ideas at the very same time in the target language. Seems difficult, right?

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