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Language services for foreigners in Prague and the Czech Republic, for you and your business.

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We provide Translation, Localization, Interpretation and Representation services.

Please be aware that even though you are in the European Union, the Czech law demands to have an interpreter with you in order to communicate in the native language at the Czech authorities. The authorities like Social Insurance and Health Insurance offices or any other public entity or institution require you to use the Czech language which is obligatory.

We will be more than happy to assist you with your project.

We can provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation of personal meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Is this the time for you to publish your corporate website, do a web presentation or localize any applications in foreign languages?

Have you developed a unique new application and would like to succeed with it in foreign markets?

If you have decided to expand your operations we can help you with the localization of your product

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Best Language Services for Foreigners in Prague!

“Translating from one language to another is the most delicate of intellectual exercises; compared to translation, all other puzzles, from bridge to crosswords, seem trivial and vulgar. To take a piece of Greek and put it in English without spilling a drop; what a nice skill!”

Cyril Connolly

For Italian speakers, we have created the Italian version of our website, which will be launched soon, for the Greeks we have a separate one, and finally one for Czechs and Slovaks, which is under construction.

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